CDS TC Task Force on Web Presence

(Pierre-Yves Oudeyer) #1

Aims and Scope

The CDS Task Force on Web Presence is primarily concerned with online activity reflecting the the entire activity of the TC, and more generally the computational developmental sciences community at large. Members of this topic-wise overarching task force disseminate and distribute efforts and results obtained in the context of the technical committee via social media and online news sources, and organize online resources for the technical committee.

TC on social networks:

Twitter: Tweets by @DevRobNews


TF Chair

Matthias Rolf
Osaka University
matthias [at]

TF Vice-Chair

Alessandra Sciutti
RBCS / Cognitive Humanoids Lab
IIT, Genoa
Alessandra.Sciutti [at]

TF Members

Angelo Cangelosi
School of Computing and Mathematics
University of Plymouth
acangelosi [at]

Serena Ivaldi
INRIA Nancy Grand-Est, Villers-les-Nancy
serena.ivaldi [at]

Angelica Lim
Aldebaran Robotics AI Lab, Paris
angelica [at]

Anne S. Warlaumont
Emergence of Communication Lab
The University of California, Merced
anne.warlaumont [at]

Recent activities

  • News channel @DevRobNews on Twitter founded to promote research field, events, outcomes, and news. >16.000 original views so far (plus unknown #views for promoted non-original content).
  • Conference channel @ICDL_EpiRob2015 to promote IEEE ICDL-EpiRob: ~12.000 views.
  • News channel on Facebook just kicked off:
  • TF member Anne Warlaumont (program co-chair) and TF chair Matthias Rolf (publicity co-chair) are participating in the organization of IEEE ICDL-EpiRob 2015
  • TF vice-chair Alessandra Sciutti co-organized the workshop “Cognition: A Bridge between Robotics and Interaction” at ACM/IEEE HRI in March 2015
  • TF member Angelo Cangelosi co-organizes the BMVA Workshop on Context Aware Cognitive Systems, held on July 17
  • TF member Serena Ivaldi co-organized the workshop “Get it touch: tactile&force sensing for autonomous, compliant, intelligent robots” at IEEE ICRA in May 2015
  • TF member Serena Ivaldi is co-organizing the special issue “Whole-body control of contacts and dynamics for humanoid robots” in Autonomous Robots

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