CDS TC Task Force on Robotics

(Pierre-Yves Oudeyer) #1

Aim and Scope

The CDS Task Force on Robotics is primarily concerned with processes of cognitive development in humans and humanoids focusing on constructive approaches using robots and computer simulations. Members of this task force have been leading research projects and also organizing TC CDS main conference (ICDL-EpiRob), in addition to the regular researchers on robotic systems, human-robot interaction, symbol emergence in robotics and mother-infant interaction.

TF Chair

Tadahiro Taniguchi
College of Information Science and Engineering
Ritsumeikan University, Japan

TF Vice-Chair

Tetsuya Ogata
Department of Intermedia Art and Science
School of Fundamental Science and Engineering
Waseda University, Japan

TF Members

Minoru Asada
Graduate School of Engineering
Osaka University
Osaka, Japan

Giorgio Metta
Italian Institute of Technology
University of Genoa
Genoa, Italy

Gordon Cheng
Institute for Cognitive Systems
Technische Universität München (TUM)
Munich, Germany

Yiannis Demiris
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine
London, UK

Hiroshi Ishiguro
Department of Systems Innovation
Osaka University
Osaka, Japan

Yasuo Kuniyoshi
Department of Mechano - Informatics
University of Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan

Rolf Pfeifer
Cognitive Neuroscience Robotics Division
Institute for Academic Initiatives
Osaka University, Japan

Recent Activities:

TF Vice-Chair, Tetsuya Ogata, and TF Chair, Tadahiro Taniguchi, are acting as the General Chair and the Program Chair of ICDL-Epirob 2018, respectively.

Planned activities in 2018
-ICRA 2018: Active touch for perception and interaction: How nature inspires robotics
-IROS2018: The utility of body, interaction and self learning in robotics
-IROS2018: RoboTac: New Progress in Tactile Perception and Learning in Robotics
-IROS2018: 3rd Workshop on Semantic Policy and Action Representations for Autonomous Robots (SPAR)
-IROS2018: Latest Advances in Big Activity Data Sources for Robotics and New Challenges
-IROS2018: Workshop on Robots for Assisted Living
-IROS2018: Workshop on Language and robotics

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