CDS TC Task Force on Education

(Pierre-Yves Oudeyer) #1

Aim and Scope:

The CDS Task Force in Education is concerned with educational material, webinars and dialogue possibilities for students in developmental and cognitive robotics and interested scientists who would like to cross their disciplinary boundaries. Members of this task force serve with their experience in teaching, research and communication within various interdisciplinary projects to provide a comprehensive view on the topic and the applied methods.

TF Chair:

Katharina Rohlfing
Emergentist Semantics Group
Universität Bielefeld
Bielefeld, Germany

TF Vice-Chair:

Yulia Sandamirskaya
Ruhr Universitaet Bochum
Bochum, Germany

TF Members:

Vadim Tikhanoff
Instituto Italiano di Tecnologia
iCub Facility
Genoa, Italy

Gustaf Gredeback
Psychology Department
Uppsala University
Uppsala, Sweden

Malte Schilling
CITEC Bielefeld University
Bielefeld, Germany

Olivier Georgeon
LIRIS Lab / CNRS / Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

Jun Tani
Department of Electrical Engineering
Daejeon, Korea

Chen Yu
Department of Psychological and Brain Science
Indiana University
Bloominging, Indiana USA

Recent Activities:

IEEE CIS TC on Cognitive and Developmental Systems